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like resignation but only from the darkrp mod team


there's plenty of things i could put here, but it mostly comes down to this; Hawk has grown too big for me to enjoy myself in-game. 

I like taking my time for sits but i just can't with the sheer quantity of them because of the server being full most of the time, which i guess is great for the server but not so much for properly handing admin calls.

There's other reasons, but this is the main thing.

I'll still happily interact with the smaller/calmer Discord community as DMT.
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Sad to see you leave. Your suggestions were annoying but at the same time insightful. Hope you find somewhere else!
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It's been good Remora.


Cya remora, glad to see you will still remain in the community


wtf men y u abandon me again ;-;


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have fun
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I've only been in one sit with you but you handled it so well and you were so nice. It's sad to see a good staff member go. Best of luck.
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