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>> RK Leader Funky

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>>Someone reported me for RDM, but i explained they were killed for trying to kill me in a base i was raiding as heavy armed swat. He kept saying i needed to warrant them but i kept explaining how the scanner does that and thats how i got in in the first place. He wouldnt listen, but said quite clearly 'right, im sick of your shit' and kept arguing. The sit was over anyway, he was apparently just trying to tell me what ti was reported for, even tho he already did that. I went to jump off the roof as my part was done, but he grabbed me with physgun, pulled me back over, froze me and refused to unfreeze me. he carried on going on that i have to warrant them as well as scanning the base. That is not the rule however. I kept asking to b unfrozen but he refused, so i called staff abuse and he gagged me. I continued o try and gain support by saying staff abuse and he kicked me for apparently ignoring staff. He was trying to explain a rule to me that didnt exist and was arguing about something which was completely false. He wouldnt listen to what i had to say at all, and was addament he was the one who was right. 

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Will get Kyle to respond.
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Hello, Thank you for the report.

First things first, when I responded to you, you were already in another sit, unsure of the reason. You seem very angry during that sit, and I knew it would carry on to my sit, which It did
I had no reason to punish anyone at that moment in time, only to give you advice which might reduce the reports you get on yourself, I gave you this example "Someone in the US is wanted by the police, however, for the police to enter they need a warrant" same situation, the scanner will wanted someone, however, enhancing RP and asking for the warrant would have solved this issues in a matter of seconds.
"The sit was over anyway, he was apparently just trying to tell me what ti was reported for, even tho he already did that." The sit is over when I deem fit, not when you feel like running off while I explaining the situation, you were gagged because frankly you wouldn't listen to anything I was explaining to you at that moment in time, which is why I gagged you, so I could explain what I was going to explain. Then you become even more angry and started to spam the OOC chat, which in its self is breaking rules, to which you were kicked for.

Personally I see no issues with what happened, I was dealing with a very angry person who thought you knew everything, when frankly you didn't. I was nice from start to end and kept my anger under control as you spoke and shouted over me a number of times.
The report against you wasn't going far, however, you decided to act like an immature child in-game after you started spamming the chat, at which point, I was going to un-freeze, un-gag and put you down, but from the start you thought I was the bad guy.

I see no point in this report as I handled the situation like anyone else would. Quite frankly you're making the report as a target to get me in trouble, however, I wasn't reported in-game, you were.

We'll leave this report down to management,



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won't be hard to imagine how much difficulty it was for him to handle you, yet immature
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Denied. I feel Kyle acted the way he thought he should. You attempted to run away before the sit ended, you was brought back in and froze. You then was attempting to speak over him, you was then gagged for this. The staff decide when the sit is over, now when you feel like it. Kyle may not of fully understood and wanted to make sure he got the story straight before setting you off. You don't need to take the initiative to end the sit for yourself. Kyle acting in a decent manor for how he was being treated.
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