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Change Logs 28/08/2018


[28 - 08 - 2018]

- Government can now /raid for police raids
- Government police raid now have a cooldown of 15 minutes on the same person

- Death arenas are no longer allowed

- Steam rewards (tasks) re-added (exploit fixed?)

- Titlestore has been updated to latest version (exploit fix?)
- Titlestore design edited to be more user-friendly

[Image: 95a0c7b87755d3944ac77ece365402f0.png]

- It is now made clear when someone gets killed in a terror attack

[Image: c5f1a741f16befdae68a410af0bf493e.png]


Hoverboard rules plz, too explorable rn

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ayy im famous Big Grin
and finally no more fekin death arenas that was a poor excuse for MRDM

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