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I just scanned a base and got a warrant for it. I then broke down the door came in the usual. When I got to one door and tried to break it down it said I needed a warrant despite me having one already. I tried to get a warrant again thinking mine might have run out but it said that I already had one. I called staff to take a look ( Darth Vaper ). He said it was in the logs that I had the warrant but he saw I could not break down the door. After the person who's base I had been raiding changed jobs and became unwanted it let me scan again and then I was able to break down the door an proceed with the raid. 

Darth Vaper though I should bring it to the attention of higher ups so I decided to do this.
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Was it a real door on the map or was it a faiding door? Also was it owned by somebody else in the base as they may have not also been warranted which means that you wouldn't be able to affect them with the battering ram.


Yes it was a fading door and it was owned by the same guy and everything.
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...Probably a mate's prop, not his.


It would have to be someone else's prop.... When you get a warrant, it will allow you to hit any doors/fading doors that are that single persons. It was most likely someone else's and you didn't notice, if it wasn't, then I'd take it as a one time bug as I have never had it nor have I seen any reports on it.
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I have had this before where I would raid a 1 man base and the warrant would just be useless as nothing would open due to the lack of warrant resulting in having to get another warrant after 2 mins
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Strange.. this happend to me as well once. but not anymore
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