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Ban Appeal

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Your RP Name
>> Fairplay

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>>C7 Firestorm959

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> A cop was RDMing in spawn. I said in the admin chat @RDM at Spawn. the next thing I get banned. I was a DJ and i didn't had any weapons. I didn't kill anyone..... see your logbook.

Little Edit: Firestorm didn't ask anything he just instant banned me.


Will get Firestorm to reply.
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Thanks I will wait.

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Here just watch there are two clips. 

Clip 1

Clip 2 
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 

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Thats not me lol thats another guy.... his name is hotdog...

If you see at 3 sec the DJ that's me.......

Do you see it!!! 3 sec The DJ thats me.


i didn't change my name...


It might be a mistake but If you look in the second clip I clicked in logs copy steam id on hot dog but for some reason, it copied your id, if it is a mistake sorry
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 


Somebody please answer me. He banned the wrong guy. The proof is in the Clip...

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It wasent Fires fault he got id from Hotdogs and it gave him the id from Fairplay watch the 2 clip
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You where mixxed up with someone else, you'll be unbanned shortly.

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