Hawk Servers

Can i become A part of ur Staff team?


Name : Vault69 Joker

Preferred Name : Vali123523

In game rank : Trusted

Date of Birth : 6.2.2006

Age : 12 (Mature)

Gender : Male

Country : Romania


Bans : Yes once (self def.)

Active on Site : not rly but i will try do be in the near future

Discord : Joker

Server Score : 117

Relatives : No bc no no one from my family plays garrys mod

UXL : Not rly i just know some comads : Ban,Kick,Jail,Bring,Goto,Warn,God,Noclip

Server Moderation : I can be on the servers 7 Hrs sometimes sometimes i cant join and sometimes 10 Hrs or more (idk i play so much )

How many sits : i can do 15 - 35 depends to the server and the rulebreakers

Personality : Im friendly but if someone swears at me i go maeyham i can help ppl but my voice is anoyng...

Why should we hire u as staff : I Believe u should hire me as staff bc i wold play a long time on the server and i can work a long time i Have all of my hrs on Hawk Servers (only the time i went to sanbox ) .I can help staff / assist when there is a big problem and they cant handle it (im not sayng u have bas staff ur staff is great ) i can learn and apply my knolege  to the server rulebreakers. 

Rdm : Rdm is when u kill a pearson for no reason : Jack is just sitting in the middle of the street and then swat comes and kills him thats rdm

Nlr : Nlr is when a player just comes back to "life" : Jack dies when he getting raided and after he dies he comes back and kills the raider thats nlr u cant interfer whit ur other life.

FailRp : lets just say Jack was a tramp and Kai comes to him but he docent give him money  then the hobo pulls out a gun then mugs or dose anything to kai that wold be fail rp bc tramps dont have money 

Trolling : trolling is when a player wants to get a other players reaction and will rulebreak to get a reaction : Jack rdm's Jake 3 times then jake rages and rdm's Jack or ( quits the server, or rule breaks himself)

4 Pending sits : I take it 1 by 1 until im done i might an other staff member to help if its to much.

James : i wold jail James then warn him for RDA but if it wasnt the first time i wold ban him for 3 Days and if he wold do it again i wold ban for 1 week and 3 days and if he comes bac again perma ban

Katie : i wold bring all of em in a sit and see if katie had any relations whit the tramp (gang ) if she didnt i wold say the rules to her and ask tasid warn or no warn and ask him if he did anything to the tramp and if he didnt that wold be atempted RDM and warn the tramp to

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You do not meet the requirements, please try to reach them and reapply.

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