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Jokers Staff application ( ReApplyed )


>>Vault69 Joker

Prefered Username

Curent In-Game Rank

Date of  Birth

>>12 (mature if u know what i mean)

>> Male

>> Romania

>> GMT+3


Total PlayTime

Are you active on the Website
>>Not Yhat active but i will try to be (1 Hr/Day)

What is ur Discord Username

What is your server score?
>>678 (il try to be more active on the discord)

Do u have any Relatives on the server?
>>No bc none of my relatives play Garry's Mod but if they wold i wold show em this server

Do u know how to use ULX?
>> Not that much i just know some comands (u put ! before evry comand)
Goto players name (teleports u to that player)
Bring players name ( teleports the player to u )
Return players name (returns player to where they were before the Bring comand)
Warn players name (warns a player)
Kick players name (kicks player from server)
Ban players name (bans player)
God players name /u can just do !God and give it to urself (makes a player invincible)\
Noclip players name (lets u fly /go thru props,buildings )

How Often Can u Moderate the Server?
>>I can Moderate the server from 5-10 Hrs /Day

How many sits can u do within a Day?
>>20-40 Depends on the players

Describe ur personality and hobbies
>> I am Friendly but if someone insults me or swears at me i go mayham just in Rl. And my hobbies are to play at te computer play on the phone and play whit dangerus weapons and sometimes make my own knifes ( i did that i made a real knife once )

Why should we hire u at staff ? 
>>I Belive u should hire me as staff Bc i Can help Other admins and help players . Most of my hrs are on this server and i rly like it  and ik the server rly well to be honest i will love to be part of ur staff team  and if am accepted and if i get promoted i can help other staff i can learn from other staff and then apply my knolege to help the server 

Explay the term 'RDM' [d] 
>> Rdm is when u kill a pearson for no reason like Joe walks on the street to go to his base but then kai comes and kills him ( thats rdm i dont know names so i put kai :3 )

Explayn the term'breakingNlr'
>> Nlr is when u just come back to life  like Joe is raiding someone but he dies and he comes back and kills the defender Nlr

Explain the term of 'FailRp'
>> FailRp is when theres something that cant happen in real life like Ur a Tramp And Joe comes and docent give u money but then u pull out a gun and kill him (FailRp / Rdm)

Explain the term of 'Trolling'
>> trolling is ehen a player comes on the server and wants to get a reaction from another player so he breaks the rules to get a reaction ( Plexiate ) like Joe is just walking  and minding his own biusnies but then jack comes and rdm joe 3 times then joe will Rdm Jack/Quit the serverOr will just rule break himself ( propblock,Rda,Mas Kos,Rdm )

There are 4 pending sits on ur screen, what do u do?
>> I take the sits 1 By 1 and ask other admins / moderators to help me out

James conected to the server  Changed to police and started randomly aresting evryone what do u do?
>>i wold freze him then warn him For Mass RDA and i wold kick him after a Mass Rda 

Katie Killed tasid becouse tasid killed a tramp  for atempting to kill him what wold u do ?
>> i wold bring all of em to a sit and i wold see if Katie was in a gand whit the tramp anf if she didnt i wold warn for RDM and see if tasid did anything to the tramp and if he didnt i wold warn the tramp for atempted RDM


meet hours requirement
meet warns requirement ( good boy)
correct discord score
good knowledge of server rules
know a lot of ulx commands



Overall, I'm on the -Rep side. Though not too strongly.


Okay Playtime
No warnings


Application looks lazily writen
Could have just copy pasted the template
English isn't up to the best standards 

(I'm gonna continue this reply in 5 minutes I need to leave)
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• Nothing

• Doesn't meet all requirements
• Poor English
• No detail
• Majority of answers are wrong
• Clearly got his mate to +rep it
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kill me


Denied. Your grammar and basic English is lacklustre.... Reapply when you can seem to be bothered to write an application.
Blast - EX CM current DMT Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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