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Medicals And Shield Suggestion (Kevlar and Med Kits)


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible) Buyable Medicals and Shields so for maybe like you can buy Med Kits off like a Doctor and stuff like Kevlar which is shield so that it can make people last longer like sometimes i see people and i get 1 shotted which is kind of annoying in raids when you hit them loads they hit you once and gone so maybe like an item like Med Kits and Kevlar could be a great addition! 

How would your suggestion improve the server? It would improve so people dont moan when getting like 1 shotted it still probably can happen but rarely now buying Kevlar could put you up too like 50 - 100 shield but its pretty costy and the item can go inside your inventory and med kits could give like 50 - 100 health as a inventory item

Thanks for reading

+ If you support the suggestion
- If you Disagree!

Many Thanks!

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If this system could be added it would defo work

Maybe a shipment of 10 met kits would cost money etc and be stored in your inv like guns can. (Sold by a Doctor)

+ Rep if this is possiable

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I have always thought something like that might be w good idea but I thought it might be dismissed because of the npc in spawn.
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Would be good of it could work without being abused.


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Would be good of it could work without being abused.

Even have a 5-10 seconds cool-down for every time you use the medkit to stop is being abused during a raid etc


Sounds really good tbh I hope this can be added +rep
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+rep could be nice but have to be pretty expensive just for the convince of it. I can just see it being used in a raid to pretty much mean that the defender takes no damage but possibly have a minute delay on it to give the raiders more of a chance.
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+rep would be useful

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could have a max use of 50 hp
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