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Jason - Staff Application


In-Game Name

Preferred Name

Current In-Game Rank (User, Trusted, Supporter or premium)
>>Trusted and Premium

Date of Birth



>>United Kingdom


Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)
>>1w 6d 2h
[Image: 5wnKwxH.png]
Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)
[Image: Icactxa.png]
Have you been banned before?
>> Never

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
>> Well I will be when I become staff but yes, I was VERY active in the website with 96 posts

What is your Discord Username?
I am already on the discord server btw
What is your server score? (do t!rank in bots channel)

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes / no - if yes, state their usernames)

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)
>>Yes I do. 
!bring a = brings all people with the letter a in their name
!bring jason = brings only people with jason in their name
!bring * = brings all players on server (I know this is obviously not allowed and will not be tolerated)
How often can you moderate the server?

>>Pretty much everyday except if my schedule doesnt allow it

How many sits can you do within a day?
>>As many as there are available within the time I stay on the server

Describe your personality and hobbies
>>I am a pretty joyous person who finds most thing funny but I am serious and somewhat harsh when it's serious. I like to play most games like CS:GO, Gmod and fortnite.

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member, what are your objectives? (minimum 1 paragraph)

Regardless of my abilities and permissions, when I see rule breakers whether they effect me or not, I tell 
them about it or contact a staff member. I hate rule breakers as they ruin the server. It seems as if sometimes 
there's a need for staff members because reports are not handlled quickly enough. I am willing to be an extra 
set of hands in the staff team. I am quite active and will be there when I am needed. I will try to get through reports as professionally as possible and will aid all my colleagues if they need it.  I engage with the community a lot and know a lot of people from the server already. I have already been a staff member before for months and I am pretty experienced in this role.You expect me not to abuse my powers if I am staff. You expect me to follow the rules as usual and respect all the players. I will not be bias under any circumstances and I will try to sort out any of the reports or problems which come in my way. You expect me to be respectful, calm and strict when it comes to rule breakers. Anyone who is seen rule breaking consistently will be sorted out.
[Image: zoinks.gif]

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Denied. wrong staff app mate.... You missed out the questions.
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