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                                                                                                                             Your RP Name*

>>BG RileyBadFox

Your SteamID*


What is the reason of the warn?*


Who warned you?*


What are their SteamIDs?


What happened* (Give us as much detail as possible, including evidence. If this is an older one it can be harder but try to best explain it then in your reasoning.)

>>So basicly there was a law stating "dissing swat police etc = aos" this person comes up to me and disses me so i take out my tazer and he starts running away making him resist an arrest and so i pulled out my weapon and killed him giving me no choise but to do so 

[/url]   [url=https://hawkservers.co/search.php?action=finduser&uid=867] 


Will get Kyle to respond, keep in mind it's late so probably wont have a response until morning.


Hello, Thank you for the appeal.

You warning you received was 100% valid and justified, here are my reasons.
  • "dissing swat police etc = aos" Notice the AoS part, which means Arrest On Site... You killed the person when they were running from you, the law didn't state to KoS anyone. The person you killed was of no harm to yourself as they had their back turned to you as they ran, you probably could have tased the person when you got close enough. Taking a life for no reason is classed as RDM, you had NO valid roleplay reason to kill him. If he had a gun in hand it would be a different matter, but he didn't. Your reason is "he dissed me" So what? Chase him don't kill him. (1 - Do not RDM - Random Deathmatch - This is when you damage or kill a player without a valid reason.)
  • Moving onto my next point, which was warnings. You need to warn the person 3 times if they are running to stop, otherwise you will take action, to which you didn't  (11 - Before enforcing a law, please warn the person you are targeting. You may do /advert Warn 3 times with 3 second gaps.) Which you didn't do, so they didn't know you were going to "open fire" as it were.

You have no excuse here, so this warn should not be removed as you blatantly killed someone with no reason to which I could or can see.




It was a valid warning from Kyle. Please refresh yourself on the police laws as they have changed recently.

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