Increase Prop Limit


So i was making a Cafe/Restaurant and couldn't finish it, and many other bases i couldn't finish cause the stop at 70 props. I'm here to suggest its bumped a lil to maybe 100? Or something like that. Thank you - Cxnnor!

P.s yes i understand lag issues hence why i suggest just a small bump nothing too big.
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I kinda agree with this but maybe not to 100 maybe like 80/90
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I think more.props would be helpful
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I mean 70 props is quite a lot unless you are doing some heavy decorating, it's rare for me to actually run out of props

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Prop limit is already way too high


Maybe have a prop increase when you reach the Trusted rank or buy a donation rank is that is possible.


(02-09-2018, 10:02 AM)Kyle | Wrote: Maybe have a prop increase when you reach the Trusted rank or buy a donation rank is that is possible.

Props increase when you buy premium I believe


the prop limit is already pretty high, and when we hit a high amount of players, there can be alot of props around the map. For example the average player has 50-60 props, with around 90 players on, thats over 4000 props. Which inturn can cause lag.

This is why i am going to -rep this suggestion as the prop limit is already high enough.
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If the server is full with only trusted players using all of their props, 100x60=6000.
That's a pretty high amount of props available for players already, maybe we should boost it by 10 but honestly not more than that.


We used to have 50 for everyone in early 2018, we then changed it to 60 for supporter and 70 for premium. I'm fairly certain now everyone gets 70. That is quite enough props (Atleast for me) to make good bases.
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