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Swat Deployable Shield!


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>>Swat And Swat General Job.

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>>Imagine a bank robbery the robbers have a lot better position and cover than swat so if we could have a deployable shield we could use some cover too.


How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>well makes the server a lot more realistic i had to run back and forth in a bank robbery to not die.

make lives a lot more easier!


The issue with this I feel is considering there is the shield bash you can do it just gives the minges more things to annoy people with but I so feel that she shield can have multiple great uses for raids and bank robberys
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Maybe vexxed like you said minges annoy people with them you have to request the shield of the mayor for raid etc. Once raids are finished you lose the shield


I mean the only thing this would be useful for is bank raids cause every other base would have just 2x2 spaces where it couldn't be placed. I just don't think this would be used enough so -rep


Cool idea

Could bring more minges but +rep
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I think this would be good but already bank robbers are at an unfair advantage. SWAT when killed in a bank heist, are allowed to come straight back.
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Tbh the idea is cool, but its practicality on the server is minimal. The only real use i can see it being helpful for is bank raids, and theese are scarce, the shields would be useless in base raids as they are usally 2x2 so the space is limited.

So overall, -rep from me.
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Puts more detail and fun into police counters / raids.
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It makes it funner, but considering that you would use this in 0 situations just makes it an unneeded addon......
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The higher your swat rank the more health u have anyway so the better position against swat balances out the boosted health So
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