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Why I believe I should be unbanned


Your RP Name
Gud Sar Dacta Duk

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
BG Soap

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
5 days at moment of ban

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
  I understand the NLR in this situation may be frowned upon. I returned to an area around my location of death over and over outside the PD, and acted as if there was no NLR and was persist in the area without passing through as I should have. In the end, I can certinatly agree I MNLRd: but personally, I find the 5 day ban as a result pretty harsh. This is because:
  1. I received no prior warnings by the admins about my nlr. Understandably this is because my nlr was only noted after I'd repeatedly broken it, hence the MNLR.
  2. No *harmful* actions were taken, depending on how you wish to perceive it. I was not raiding, had any weapons out etc. only using the vape voice. I could understand a 5 day MNLR ban for the situation if it had been in the context of a raid, but not for using a harmless sound clip, albeit repeatedly.
  As a result, I believe, whilst I most certinatly not free from guilt, a full 5 day ban for the situation was unwarrented for in my opinion. I can understand what I was doing was repetative and wrong, but my actions were without malicious intent. Even if I were to remain banned, I would appreciate if it were lowered: 1 or 2 full days sounds reasonable. If not, I would appreciate a moment of time to hear your arguments against me, and how that means I should keep the 5 day ban.
  Thank you for reading, I eagarly await you response.

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You mass NLR'd. If you had NLR'd once, it would've been a warn, but you did it 4 times. The ban is only 5 days, make sure you understand the rules next time.

It was your first time so I think you should be unbanned, read the rules thoroughly this time
-Gamer Grill


I am sorry, but I still don't understand why me unfortunatly for myself breaking a rule 1 times too many can result in a 5 day ban. I appreciate that bans are to ward off players how do not wish to abide by the rules that keep the server from devolving into chaos, but I still don't understand the full 5 days in my case. It's not like I'm trying to point out I didn't break nlr when I clearly did repreatedly. But it's the fact how it brought a full 5 day ban that confuses me. It justs seems too harsh a punishment for me in this case, but if you think otherwise, please enlighten me. After it is mistakes like this I should learn from, rather then repeat.



Even though it's quite deserved considering you didn't really have a reason to break NLR and admitted to it yourself, you'll be given a second chance.
Please do not repeat this again and re-read the rules if you have to.

Have a nice day, closed.

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