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On a daily basis hawk hits their maximum player count of 100. Maybe it is time to expand? Here's some information on why I believe said idea...

Many people are beginning to get bored of darkrp yet love the playerbase of hawk, maybe we should get other servers? For example:
-TTT (My favourite idea)
--Many more

New game-modes don't tickle your fancy? How about a SECOND darkrp server with a COMPLETELY different map, there is no way you can get bored with this idea!

Side note: If this gets implemented pls dont make extra donation ranks only for the other servers, e.g make premium give benefits in all servers, my only maybe is the custom jobs, they can get removed
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If another server is opened it will be on a game mode which doesn't require much staffing. I also don't see it happening any time soon.
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It would be nice to have other servers except id rather have 1 server with high quality than a few average servers
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Honestly cba atm. Got gcses, pray for me Sad


Maybe if tasid isn't busy with school, It would be possible. However with the staff team already lacking, we would need low staff req, and it wouldn't need to be a MASSIVE server.
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Another server with a different gamemode would be good, and require no extra staff (Staff from DarkRP could hop on time to time)
Deathrun, TTT and Prophunt are all easy servers that don't really need staffing 24/7 so I would work.

As Tasid said, he has exams coming up so I don't see him adding anymore servers in the upcoming months.

Good idea though.


(04-09-2018, 09:49 AM)tasid | hawkservers.co Wrote: Honestly cba atm.  Got gcses, pray for me Sad

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Good ideas, would be great to play on some other Hawk servers with different gamemodes. However if we ever get them I don't think the donation ranks should be for all servers, instead make them cheaper for the other servers.

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Would be nice but he really busy the now
Cool idea
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However, only good game modes like mentioned above are prophunt and TTT (a personal favourite of mine)

I think TTT should be added as there only needs to be around 1 to 2 admins online. Also it doesn't need to be huge. Premium should be universal with the server and should be transferred to it if you bought it from darkrp. However any permanent items shouldn't be. I would love a hawk made TTT server.
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