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A New Staff Rank


There's only one thing stopping me from becoming staff again. Maturity Dedication. I want to help the server out, but everyone keeps expecting us to do 1000 sits a week or something like that. I want to keep the server clean from hackers and prop blockers but I dont want to make it full time. I get bored frequently and there's always someone breaking the rules. Tasid showed my this video and we could all relate: 

I was thinking or a staff rank like Helper? Just trustworthy people like Fito, rarely doing sits but just helping.

Please consider repping this, I got alot of reps last time (I made a post like this like a year ago and it did decent)
From your boi, Cumblemore

Celebrating 1 year in the server



This is not minecraft
Staff ranks are fine.




Denied. Too many -reps


that 1 -rep lmao
also I do sits cumblemore, I only take like 30min breaks and when im not on, well i cant do sits.

cumble = big meany
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