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Warn appeal lmao


Your RP Name*

>>KZ Lil Skies

Your SteamID*


What is the reason of the warn?*


Who warned you?*

>>BaSl Daddy Doggy

What are their SteamIDs?


What happened* (Give us as much detail as possible, including evidence. If this is an older one it can be harder but try to best explain it then in your reasoning.)
>> So I walked in the street some guy shot me so I killed him told the staff I rdm to see what would happen and bam a warn lmao


Will get him to respond.
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What I saw was rdm, then when I brought you to me you said warn me.
Got the big oof...


lmao the guy shot me with his revolver so I killed him, that's not rdm, I was messing with you, you should check logs next time


Next time then don’t tell a staff member you rdm, then when he puts a warn on, tell him you were joking.
Got the big oof...


Yet theres something called logs you should check.


To be honest, he has a point, you should have checked the logs. That's literally your tool to determining someone's punishment and evidence.
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Please don't instantly go "warn me" in sits like you're admitting to it, even as a joke.

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