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Fact's about Soap


1. I'm a weeb
2. If I were an animal I'd be an owl
3. My favorite type of music is shitpost reminiscence of anime and filthy frank
4. I like popcorn, but only spicy
5. I only eat and enjoy spicy food
6. Snails and Tardigrades are my favorite animals
7. I hope to have a huge frog as a pet
8. I used to have illegal giant African land snails
9. I have huge eye bags that are purple like eggplant and the size of the moon
10. I can't see without glasses
11. Gmod is my favorite game
12. I'm in 10th grade
13. I study neuro-science and aim to become a neuro-surgeon
14. I'm 14
15. g a m e r   g r i l l
-Gamer Grill


Very interesting, a snail as a favorite animal? First time I've heard that Smile


Me too Kyle ive heard of snakes, lizards & tarantulas buy SNAILS!? Uhm ok! Cool facts though.
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nice speech about yourself, its really nice i like it!


does that mean u like snail's house
"i would pick him up like hulk with my physics gun"
SSM Echo


First time hearing about spicy popcorn and i'm disgusted.


Snails are amazing there my fav to

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