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Not sure if this fits in here, but I'd like to make a suggestion for the discord.
I think adding the bot "Snail Racing" would be fun, really no reason behind it except that.
It could get people to use our Discord more too, and I just like snails.

Big Grin 
Thank you!
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Thats quite an idea, i like it. I wont want to walk in the snail trail
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I have never personally used this bot before. However, having more bots on the discord could be nice. Especially bots like this where it encourages people interacting with each other. On the other hand the trivia bot isn't used all that often now so I'm not sure how much this would be used.
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for an extra joke on hawk i would rep +
and you can gamble who wins the race XD
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(06-09-2018, 11:57 PM)heyitspatrick Wrote: for an extra joke on hawk i would rep +
and you can gamble who wins the race XD

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+ rep this because why not, sounds fun Big Grin
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It's quite a fun thing to do, it's a great thing to add.




all i can say is

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Denied. We don't need to add more bots. If you wish to use this, make a private server.
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