Builder job


This job would be for players to come out to your house and build your base relating to real life they'd price the job for you.
People might say how would this fit in, maybe players aren't allowed to use building tools etc.
This just came in my head because all's i see is people saying " base dupes for sale"
Not the best of suggestions but here you go.


Mmmm, interesting...

I'm not going to + Rep this just yet, as I'm unsure what it would be useful for.
Alright suggestion though

Neutral from me.


would be a nice thing
The human tree


The builder would own the props tho


It's a strange yet interesting idea however I don't like the idea of people not being able to build as certain jobs. For example, a thief juggernaut would not be able to own a base without having a team-mate which would just make it hell for solo players.


Personally, I don't support this because the 'Builder' would hit the prop limit of 60 (For Trusted) only after 2 clients (if they used around 30 props each time which I think is reasonable) especially if they were hired to decorate something e.g. A Gun Store. One of the solutions to this is to raise the prop limit for the Builder job. However this is too easily abused, minges could use it to prop spam, increased lag on the server etc. or if you have mates playing on the server they can build a more complex base, utilising the increased prop limit. Overall I do like the sound of a Builder job and I agree that the server needs more jobs to keep things fresh but I think that the idea of 'Builder' is not practical enough.
This is so sad I only have 1 rep

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