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Vladimir UBR

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Your RP Name
>> Vladimir Shootin (I think)

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:419707422

Who banned you?*
>> BG Patrick

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 Weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> Hello, i joined the server not long ago around a week ago but since i joined i have been playing so much and i was on just chilling with my mate i told him about the server and was showing him around till we started getting shot randomly by another member of the community my mate was getting annoyed as he wanted to find a server where he could chill out and literally call a home but instead he was getting shot my mate got killed and then started shooting at me so i got my permanent shotgun out and killed him and i sat waiting for my mate so i could show him more and the guy came back and killed me i could tell he got annoyed that i killed him so he came back and revenge killed me so i was like fine i am gonna go get my mate and continue to show him round thinking that was it but no he followed us for a while and i was in a apartment showing my mate where its good too base and he came and killed us again so i was like fine lets go base that way he cant get us but no he some how found our base he started to raid us him and his friend so i was like fine he can raid its fine we killed his friend so i decided to push out and kill him which went well but then seconds later he came back and continued to raid as if nothing happened this guy was annoying me at this point as i was trying to show my mate and prove to him this is a good server but he didn't believe me because this guy repeated to kill him over and over again now we went out our base for a bit just to go round try raid a few bases ect and as we was raiding a base he came up behind us started to shoot at us even though it wasn't his base this guy was doing all this as a Gun dealer he was self supplying and repeated killing most people including myself now i killed this guy the second he shot me i went to a spot where i knew he couldn't get me he came to that spot he shot me i killed me of course he tried to come back this is where i mess up and i can be 100% honest it was an accident he came up the stairs i could hear him loading up he came up and i killed him which was wrong as he didn't shoot me that is the only thing i did wrong but every time he seen me he would shoot me and i went to the toilet and he shot me dead and then i looked in the chat he said /advert Warn 1 but i was already dead every time this guy shot me i would hide and then kill him im sorry but i cant see how this is wrong as if your being shot you don`t ignore you kill them simple as you don`t just let him shoot you i was in the wrong once here but yet i get banned for 2 weeks and the thing i did wrong was literally the tiniest mess up ever 

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So you still broke a rule kept coming back to revenge rdm him that ended up getting you banned for mrdm then you started being a minge denying it all even tho i have evidence in video.. nova was even screen sharing me he told me too ban you both because i was not sure.. this makes this a valid reason for MRDM because you broke a many rules and so did the other guy.. It would make other players think they are aloud to do so as well.
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I agree with this ban I was also in that call and also told Patrick to ban you this was fully justified
Ex staff for the second time.


The guy you mentioned was banned, though that doesn't make you innocent just yet. Do you have some sort of evidence to support your side?


Hello, i did not at all come back and keep killing him what so ever i spawn in run around start getting shot im in my new life rule enjoy my new life just chilling walking around i get shot self defence i shoot back kill the attacker i do not go back to him at all he followed us around for so long every time he seen anyone he would shoot and kill them and even he admitted that "His words were i was chilling and just messing around killing people" his words not mine literally everyone he seen he killed no word of a lie my mate a lad who im trying to bring into the community has now told me "Fuck off that servers shit" his words again not mine i try bring in players to grow the community but instead they get annoyed because there is a gun dealer self supplying and going round killing everyone he seen

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(05-09-2018, 12:42 PM)Kai Wrote: The guy you mentioned was banned, though that doesn't make you innocent just yet. Do you have some sort of evidence to support your side?

Here is full non edited 

(skip too 7:11 shows logs and everything) 
[Image: 59b08187a61e13fc449991ca95e0ae62.png]


"i try bring in players to grow the community but instead they get annoyed"
"Slinky stop speaking no one fucking likes you mate you're a cunt"

There's a different individual in the logs whom was constantly getting killed by you, I suppose that's what the MRDM ban is for.
The way you react to the sit and behave was not quite the best and gave the impression you're just on to minge.


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