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Facts about me


1. My dream job is to do social interaction and play feed back and response for a company named bethesda ( basically means what poeople want, I found out and put forward to be put into the games ).
2. I love vaping 
3. I love playing ARK
4. I hate school
5. I live in Cambridgeshire England
6. I love Japanese food  
7. I know how to drive, and can
8. I don't see why people believe in God 
9. I am 14
10. I love a lot of music
11. I am studding double english, maths, triples sciences, morals and spiritual, business studies, history, drama 
12. I loooovvveee netflix, my favorite shows are, gothem, limitless, rick and morty, suits and more
13. I love talking to people, but I always feel like people hate me
14. I have 3 cats one is called John Snow
15. I am very touchy feely to people I like, this annoys them
Got the big oof...


Facts that can relate to
Vape nation
Hate school
Music is bae
I HAD 3 cats, they dead.

Awesome facts


Facts I can relate to
I'm also studying history, business studies and triple science (set1 maths)
I also love Netflix
I'm 14 too
[Image: 1792341.gif]im fat


Facts that can relate to:

Nr. 2
Nr. 4
Nr. 10

- ICE Smile

When life sucks, eat dick (ICEcream)


Vape naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation
-Gamer Grill

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