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Command handbook for players


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>>every player (maybe even admins)

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>>there should be a command just like !motd but it shows you all commands, sorted like the motd, so every role/topic gives you the related commands

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>it would lower the entrance barrier for playing effectively. for example it would make it easier for the President, with the license and law commands. it would be easier for admins too because they wouldn't have to tell some new player what command they have to type to mug someone


Command knowledge in Hawk is a necessity.
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I feel as though we have a few commands that people frankly don't know about.
This would help those who are new to the community, and also those not so new.


Cough cough cough https://hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=4643

Slightly outdated with some commands not working anymore but it's all there pretty much.
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U got that right. I always getting asked from new players about the comands for nearly everything.
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There's just too many commands and it's just really hard to remember all of them so a menu would be great

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If i can find all commands i will make a forum post of them Smile
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/advert | /ad
// | /ooc


what about /warrant or /givelicense ? what about /hitprice etc


/mug [Amount of cash] (mugs the player you are looking at for the amount of cash you set)
/mugaccept (Accepts the mug if you are being mugged)
/mugdeny (Denies the mug if you are being mugged)
/pdraid (starts a raid on the PD, only do this for PD)
/terror (Starts a terror attack if you are terrorist)
/advert [message]
/name [Name you would like to be]
/job [job name you would like] (note this doesnt actually change your job)
/addlaw [law you would like to add]
/removelaw [law number]
/warrant [player] [reason]
/[job name] (note this only works for non government jobs)
// (Talks in out of character)
/broadcast (broadcasts a message in chat)
/crime (talks in crime chat)
/999 (talks in emergency chat)
@ [message] sends report if you need admins)
/dropmoney [amount of money]
/drop (this drops your weapon you have in your hand)
/give [amount of money] (Gives money to any player you are looking at)
/pm [player] [message]
/hitprice [price]

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