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Discord ban appeal


I got banned from the hawk discord for "NSFW"

All I did was post denieses profile pic. (Pretty much Tyler's pfp)

I then got salty right after I got demoted and got banned.

I do not know who has banned me.

I am sorry for my actions and I will try not to commit them again.

Not safe for work or NSFW is an Internet slang or shorthand tag used in emails and interactive discussion areas (such as on Internet forums, blogs, and community websites) to mark URLs and hyperlinks which link to videos and other pages containing nudity, intense sexuality, profanity, violence, gore and/or other ...
From your boi, Cumblemore

Celebrating 1 year in the server

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Also you was sending "personal information" aka doxing...

You have been unbanned.
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Please +rep or your triple gay
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