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Been here a couple of weeks, posting to get the admin count up


Hello! I'm Pentigrass, your neighbourhood autist and self-proclaimed libertarian autocrat here. I'm exceptionally argumentative, am talented at annoying people without it being 'trolling', because trolling implies the effort is half-hearted. I'm making this introduction to (tbh) get my arbitrary admin post limit up, though I will admit that forums can be useful, as much as I generally hate participating. I'm 19, I've been jumping around college courses a lot, and left GCSES with an A in English (if you can tell) and a B in History and IT. Considering that in college I had to learn how to fend for my own ideas as in a 'democracy' they'll be driven into the ground, I'll apologise for anyone I annoy. It's not my intention to, it's just in my nature.
Been here a couple of weeks, about 40 hours playtime and counting. I think I've finally decided to return to the DarkRP administrative scene, which I've craved for some time. I'm good at climbing administrative systems, finding flaws, but I'm paradoxically a terrible coder. Usually delegate work to my other mate who I've known for years. I'm a British imperialist at heart, who took a political spectrum test and came out Authoritarian left. And that's all I really have to say. Fun. I'm also good at typing words under stressful circumstances, and learnt to type up about 2000 words in 30 minutes in my English A level class. Toodle-oo, see you on the server.
"Every Man a King, but no-one wears a crown." - Huey Long, Governor and Senator of Louisiana.

"Apathy is Death. Worse than Death. Because even a rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects." - Kreia, KOTOR 2


I'm a libertarian too lol
-Gamer Grill

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