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The Establishment of PI - The Pentigrass Imperium


Greetings, minions. Effective immediately, I'm establishing the PI (Pentigrass Imperium) Because of the rabid amount of clans on this server. If you're interested in joining, contact me on steam to be a part of an elite clique of psuedo-nationalist maniacs who have hidden vendettas. If you fit these terms that you probably know nothing about, or want to further your capacity for the English language, please join! Because there's only me. I'm supposed to be an Imperialist lad with absolutely no army?

Come on. Join. BG must be counterweighted.
"Every Man a King, but no-one wears a crown." - Huey Long, Governor and Senator of Louisiana.

"Apathy is Death. Worse than Death. Because even a rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects." - Kreia, KOTOR 2

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