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why hornet was banned and his appeal


Your RP Name
>>sss leader Hornet

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>>5 days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>the reason i should be unbanned, wow theres a lot. 1.we were training cost to see if he would be good at PVP and ixconnor didn't realize this. 2. i was barely even killing my friends these past few days. 3. i was rping all day and felt like taking a lil break and training. proof: sadly, i dont record anything but if you wanted to you could check and we were only training you could even ask other of my clan members and i haven't rdmed them we both voluntarily killed each other.
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Keep in mind that this is a roleplay server, not a deathmatch with friends server.
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i realize this and when we walked by other admins while we were doing it we were not told not to at all. +ixconnor never told me to not train the guy like that we've always trained like that and we've had no problems.
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Okay, lies, lies and more lies. i have screenshot of kill logs and you and your buddies filled the whole page up, i told you yesterday NOT TO DO THIS EVER AGAIN YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR MASS RDM. You stopped, which was good until today same time its the 3rd day in a row you done it, again your excuse all 3 days " oh im just training "  " oh im training my friend ".. So please do lie some more, you were banned for NITRP and it shouldn't be removed! Set up your own little server just you and your friends and PvP there, this is a RP server, the fact you were "training" in spawn says it all, soap was in game and can say that all the kill feed was, was you guys killing, after kill, after kill. So please wait your ban out and learn from your mistakes.

- Yous sincerely ~ iCxnnor.
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To be honest it should be 2 weeks for all 3 for MRDM NITRP.. the logs are showing you guys MRDMING cxnnor has banned you because if others see you breaking rules like that (someone new) they will think its okay too break rules.. You have been on the server for over a week playtime You should know the rules.. So in  this case this ban is valid
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Oh you want to practice against your friends? Do this:
Log in to Hawk Servers
Log Out of Hawk Servers, You will now have the server tickrate and server Weapons.
Go into Single player
Invite your friends
Fight each other.
Boom. You have the server weapons, and their firerate. Job Done.

You all should have gotten a 2 Week ban. Consider yourselves lucky...
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Denied. If you wanted to do "training" go to a singleplayer server, not hawk. He could've done 2 weeks for MRDM also, I think 5 days is lucky....
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