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The Glorius C3

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the C3 is a organisation with a focus on establishing communism in the world
C3 stands for the 3 C's of our organisation: Cool Communism Club

we fight for communism in every possible way, if the President slot is free the highest ranking C3 official shall take it. if the presidnet doesnt want to cooperate, you shall terrorise him until he sees the wrongness of his path and establishes communism. if there is a communist president in place, try to support him in all non rule breaking ways. if there are not enough players online for a working communist society or all gov. slots are full try to make money for the revolution

current members (steam name):
C3 3X0karibu - Leader
L̨͠o҉ŗḑ ҉̵̛R3̷͡v̀i - Admin

Joining requirements:
have discord
must not be fascist


you spelt fascist wrong lol


(08-09-2018, 02:15 PM)lol Wrote: you spelt fascist wrong lol


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