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My suggestion for the DJ is that DJ's should be able to play playlists on the stereo, this would allow for the DJ to not have to keep changing song, or repeating the same one! Also another suggestion which i'm sure most people would agree with is that the DJ should be allowed to own doors, this would allow people to build Clubs and stuff, it would really make the experience better for those that are DJ's. I hope Tasid or others for Hawk Servers take this into consideration.

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Yes please.
Putting on loops is super annoying and selecting songs over and over can become tedious especially with a low fps like mine
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I need this lol



Would definitely stop me from hearing the same music over and over again.
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The loops do get annoying



Tramps singing are less annoying these days


+ Rep

Connor, the amount of times we've spoken about the DJ job... xd



Yes please


How about the radio gets fixed first?

I agree that DJs should be allowed to own doors, this way there’s not as much music being blasted on the street
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DJ's can now make nightclubs inside. The current media player isn't working and we may need to get a new media player. Completed.
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