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Ive played hawk servers for a long time
sonce pixyte and known people like tyler snd blast since ive started playing, ive loved every second on hawk but even as recruit (third time) ive lacked motivation, I do not find the game interesting anymore, i love all the staff team to be honnest, you have great new admins and an amazin manager to assist you all

I understand alot of ou dont lik but but Ive began being positive but I believe this is a step i need to take

staff mentions(Missed loads jus the big geys)

kai - fav fury, so funny
blast - day1 ed
kyle - so sound, always there to talk to, never given up on me
tasid - funny dude, needs to give out the hot chocolate recipe

with that I officially resign
thank you
Rhys Cooper,
    Rhys Cooper


Thank you for your everything you've done on Hawk, Nezo.
It's understandable if you lost interest in Garry's Mod.
Go on and do what you have fun doing - don't force yourself to do something you're not enjoying.

Good luck in school as well, hope we'll meet again. <3


Sad to see you leave.
Blast - EX CM current DMT Manager
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Good luck!
Got the big oof...


Rhys is was amazing being your mentor, you were such a good member of the team and I enjoyed my time as your mentor. You will be missed from this team

I understand life issues also come into this situation, however, you know where my PM's are if you wish to speak. Saddens me to see you leaving and I hope to see you make a return sometime soon.
I hope I did my duties as a mentor up to standards. It's been fun, Rhys.

Goodluck to whatever you move onto next my dude.

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Bye bye, sad to see you leave
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ok bye

im not saying much bcus u didnt say anything good about me
Big Boi Ex Staff


Sad to see you leave buddy, Gl for the future
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Sad to see you go
-Gamer Grill

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