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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Basers

What is your main suggeston(provide links if possible)
>> Add like a way for people to tell if they are getting raided if they are not in their base. This could be like a trip wire and alarm or a motion detector. I know there are cameras but it would still be nice. It could pop something up on screen saying "YOU ARE GETTING RAIDED! RETURN TO YOUR BASE IMMEDIATLY!" or something like that. I have seen it on other servers before and it would be nice here too.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Idk. It would be nice and it would make it feel more like a mission when you are raiding and like it was not so easy.


I mean you can use cameras in your base like you mentioned if you wanted to. Adding more entities like trip wires would just lag out the server. Plus we can check if we have a warrant as well looking at the top of your hud.
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I think having Cameras but with an alarm feature could be interesting
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That seems interesting but there's already cameras and you can check if warranted as Joel mentioned. That would just add more lag

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Denied. Raiding used to be not even adverting. When being raided, you're not supposed to know they're coming. That would basically give leaving the base a 0 risk.
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