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>> I was playing a song, and he out of nowhere said it was "religious" song, me and other players told him that he was being very rude and racist, and he decided to ban me for "NITRP", I don't think you should have that kind of staff representing your server!


Will get fatguy to respond.
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I forgot to add he told me to stop the song but I didn't know how so I put the volume to 0 and he still could hear it


The volume on radios is private. You will have to change the actual song if you want to stop it.
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Ok let me explain.

I log in and I hear the radio blasting in spawn, I forgot what song was playing but it was extremely loud and I kicked you for it, you proceed to log back in and run into my base with load music again, but I remember this song, this song was an Islam song presenting your religious and political views, after consulting you, you told me there was nothing wrong with it and wouldn't give me a chance to speak, after you type in OOC chat that I am being racist to your country which is in a tone that you are attempting to troll me, just know this didn't work and I banned you for 5 days for NITRP
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How is a song representing "religious and political views"? also what do you even consider "extremely loud" the first song was a remix of pumped up kicks, you instantly grabbed me and kicked me, and I stopped at spawn for 5 seconds since I was bhoping trough the map and saw multiple people gathered. Also I did give you a chance to speak, I told you numerous times how do you consider the song religious and political? You just copy and pasted that you "don't tolerate religious and political views" on the server, which didn't answer my question in the first place.



So you stopped as spawn (with your radio for 5 seconds) since you were 'b-hopping' through the map, this indicates that you were b-hopping with your radio?

So you broke one rule by : Your music must not be able to be heard at spawn.
Then you also broke : You must stay in a certain location. - and bhoping around doesn't sound like you were.
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I was already punished for that.


(10-09-2018, 10:58 PM)Furniture Wrote: I was already punished for that.

So you continued to do it?
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The fact that you're not exactly correcting FatGuy and telling him that you played different songs sort-of indicate that you indeed played some religious / loud songs.
If you were already punished for the rules mentioned by Milk, that means you kept on going...?
On-top of that, no evidence was provided against FatGuy to support your side - for all we know you played some songs that he did not approve of and kept mocking him about it.

FatGuy will not be punished.

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