I don't know if it's just me but i think more VIP jobs need to be added. In total honesty, 4 jobs is not a lot. Again, it might just be me.


You're spending £8 for 4 jobs, 2 extra printers and much more. I feel that's quite a lot......
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4 extra jobs is quite a lot. What Hawk is giving you is really nice. Compared to other servers Hawk's system of in-game purchases is fair. Maybe not the Double Barreled Shotgun, I don't like the price of it. VIP for £8 giving you 4 jobs and 2 extra printers is too kind in my opinion.


Surprised they aren't VIP's less to be honest. I think what you get is more than enough for the rank you pay for.


You get printers a good thief job and a decent SWAT job but either way in the future more may be added.


Nah VIP is perfectly balanced in my eyes. Even gives you a discount for premium
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Yeah, as everyone else said vip is quite nice RN and balanced. Plus with the printer buff a while back it can make a shit ton of cash.


It's a fair price and pretty balanced.

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From a certain perspective id love more jobs, from a realistic one. I think its fine. Although more jobs would be nice Big Grin

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