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Hello all, 

This might seem unexpected and sudden, but it is not a light decision. I have loved being apart of the staff team here on hawk, and love the community. But, I feel as though I do not fit in here, I have always played xbox and feel the pc community is not right for me in the fact I don't fit into it well. 

I would like to thank four people in particular.

Joelt - You were an amazing mentor and great guy, I hope you become cm someday, I think you would make a great job of it.

Blast - You are nice, funny and always there to support me, I thank you for allowing me into the staff team in the first place.

Generic - You were the first person I properly spoke to on hawk, you are a very nice person and I hope things go well for you.

Kyle - You are an amazing person, it puts a smile on my face to consider you friend, I know I can always count on you.

Thank you all, hope to see everyone soon.

Kind regards Luke
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Bruh :( I'll miss you, you did a good job whilst being staff...
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Cya... <3 Thanks for everything you've done.


dude wtf why am i not mentioned


I love u bb and ur fat so yeah have fun eating more food my lovely friend that does my sits u were probably my 2nd favourite staff member aside from joelt so ye -rep for resigning
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Sadness me to see such a dedicated, friendly, mature and professional staff member leaving our team.
I'm so happy I could be mentioned as one of the people who put a smile on your face and that can count on me, you always can.

Thank you for your service here on Hawk, you will be deeply missed by all, Luke.
Goodluck to whatever you move onto next my dude

- Kyle


It's sad to see you go luke, You were a right mate to have a laugh with and have fun with,

Thank you for all your service. I wish you the best of luck on your future route

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Thank you everyone! I will be sure to check in now and again!
Got the big oof...


Goodbye Luke i had some good sits with you and some bad sits but overall you were a pretty good staff member good luck in the future.


Fuck man, sad to see you go. How to see you remain in the community
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