Facts about Kai!

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My totally own original idea for a thread, anyone else who uses this topic is a thief!!1 /s

  1. I'm almost 17.
  2. I'm pretty sure I like foxes?
  3. I don't like going to sleep early yet I love sleeping till late.
  4. I'm a furry!
  5. I'm 6 feet tall.
  6. I speak Hebrew, yes I may translate foreskin-related jokes.
  7. I have a total playtime on Steam of 8342 hours ;-;
  8. Recently I built my first very own new PC, and I shall let Draig perish for comparing Ryzen 7 to an i5.
  9. I'm in Hawk for 9 months!
  10. I have a German Shepherd doggo ^w^
  11. I'm an atheist.
  12. I'm thalassophobic ;-;
  13. I'm Steven Mcteer's secret brother.
  14. I study IT engineering - mostly about physical hardware.
  15. it dm.

Also here's another fox
[Image: JMYEMg7.jpg]


That's a whole lotta facts


Ask steven if I can be friends with him he is cool d00d yay
[Image: 1792341.gif]im fat


It dm


it dm


Are you a furry?
Big Boi Ex Staff


(11-09-2018, 02:08 PM)Generic Dorange Ump Wrote: Are you a furry?

idk I think so??? /s


why do you keep doing /s after your message?
like genuine question
Big Boi Ex Staff


(11-09-2018, 02:32 PM)Generic Dorange Ump Wrote: why do you keep doing /s after your message?
like genuine question



yes but why we can tell when you're being sarcastic or not unless dey big wetard
Big Boi Ex Staff

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