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Terror rule needs to be changed

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The terror rule that state 

"A terror attack lasts until you are either killed or arrested."

Currently does not make sense, As in game, a terror only lasts 5 mins.

Either the 5 minute limit should be removed and instead the player should be automatically wanted for "terror attack"

or the rule needs to be rewritten 
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But terror attacks wouldnt be the same without the 3 rdm sits from people who dont know how terror works!

in all seriousness tho yeah
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Had someone spawnkilling from apparments to tunnels for at least half an hour. Tf?



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Even though its basically free sits it is kinda annoying.
Got the big oof...


I totaly agree with this, change the rule to 5 mins terror attack.
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The terror timer should be removed.



Current Rules:

Terrorists can base with anyone they'd like.
2 You can start a terror using /terror - this consists of a 20 minute cooldown.
3 A terror attack lasts until you are either killed or arrested.
4 You can only target people inside the Police Department or Government members.
5 You may only target Government members or anyone inside the PD.
6 Terrorists may take part in other criminal activities.
7 Terrorist leaders can kill anyone during their bombings (you can only use the bomb you are deployed with).

What i think the should be:

Start a terror attack by doing /terror - This consist of a 20 minute cooldown.
Terroists can base with anyone, you can own your own doors.
Terrorist can take in ANY criminal activities.
Terror attacks last 5 minutes or until you are shot dead, if your'e terror finishes you will be wanted!
You are only aloud to use your guns/knifes against the Government Officials or the Police.
You can use a bomb (Which comes with the terrorist leader) to blow everyone up.
You CAN NOT kill in spawn.
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I agree the timer is pointless it would be better to remove it if possible



the bomb needs to be nerfed. like some sort of alert saying like, 5 seconds till detonation or something. its way to easy to go and blow up a shit ton of people. there needs to be more of a risk
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