Resignation RIP


wag1 lads

So I moved back to uni and it's been chaotic as fuck. Finally got a bit of free time now but I don't really fancy filling up that time telling kids that they're not being good boys. I'd rather be a regular player again.

Big shotuouts to:
  • Blast - for being 14 yet not acting like a 14 year old
  • Kai - for actually being a good lad
  • Joelt - legend
Homemade pizza recipe is coming next.
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Thanks for your outstanding and professional service mister-mature-boy. ;-;
Feel free to re-apply once you're done studying and have motivation to deal with meanies again! <3


Fuck man, sorry to see you go. Glad to see you will remain in the community keep them recipes coming!


Goodbye and good luck!

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once again what about me huh? im sad now

bye my friend u were nice staff
Big Boi Ex Staff


enjoy the future
A promise is a promise until its broken 



Sad to see you go, you was a good staff member. Good luck with uni!
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jheeeez i love ur recipes.

im too good at making pizza though, i don't even measure my ingredients :wink:


Bye Smile


cya around my lad
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