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Hi new player and welcome to Hawk Servers!

The following will be a guide to help new players get to learn how to use the jobs that we have in place on the server and any tools that you may not know!

First of all the basics.
Hawk Servers has a strict set of rules that you can find by doing !rules in game or if you go to this link


Once you have read through the rules you are ready to start. Click F4 to open the job menu and decide what job you are going to be.

Just a reminder on this server we use /raid for a raid, /mug [amount of cash] for a mug, /kidnap for a kidnapping and /terror for a terror attack.

Bank Security:
This job is pretty simple. When going bank security your job will be to protect the bank from raiders. You will be equipped with a raging bull and a stun stick to protect yourself. There is a bank on the server that you should be protecting. This is not a job for you to create your own bank.

Bit Miners:
Bit Miners is a pretty complicated and expensive job. After going bit Miners you will find that in your purchase section of the F4 menu you are able to buy new items. The following is what to do with them items:

Generator - Supply the generator with fuel to give power to your bitminers
Bitminer S1 - Give it power to start creating money
Bitminer S2 - Give it power to start creating more money than the S1
Bitminer server - place in the bitminer rack to start creating a lot of money
Bitminer racks - used to store bitminer servers
Extension lead - plugged into a generator it will allow you to power multiple miners with one generator
Power lead - plug into a power source and into a miners to give the miner power
Fuel - allow the generator to continue to produce power.

WARNING - Bitmining is mainly for players with more money as it is very expensive

Some useful commands for bitminer are:

The DJ is a simple job. Press F4 to purchase a radio then set up a radio stand with it. This means that you are also not able to run around with the radio. Do not play racist or sexual music.

The Doge is also a simple job. Doge's mainly run around looking for an owner, it is often Doge's can become police dogs but only if they have permission from the police. You may build a small area on the streets and wait for an owner. Do not commit crimes or own bases alone.

Farmer is a more complicated job but is quite cheap to do. The farmed again has more items in the purchase section of the F4 menu. If anyone steals your items you are able to report them if they did not advert before and if they are not a criminal job. These items do the following:

Large plant pot - grow vegetables to later sell, must be kept outside for any plants to grow
Soil bag - fills large plant pot with soil allowing the growth of vegetables
Watering can - allows the watering of the crops for growth
Carrot seeds - allows plantation but earns the least
Lettuce seeds - allows plantation but earns more than carrot
Potato seeds - allows plantation but earns the most
Shipping crate - stores plants after growth for sale at the farmer npc

Can play the piano by purchasing one out of the F4 purchase menu. Cannot break any laws or have illegals of any kind. Do not place your piano in spawn or you will be told to remove it. If you have your piano somewhere you cannot reach, leave and join the pianist job again.

Security guard:
Security guards can be hired by shop owners to protect there shop. Shop owners do not have to pay you for protecting the shop. Security guards get a stun stick. Don't base alone.

Tramps are able to earn cash by begging for it on the streets or clicking E on the dumpsters that are located around the map. Tramps are allowed to build on the streets but not anything too big. Tramps do have bugbait but if players warn you for throwing it at them constantly you can be killed after 3 warns from the player.

Mayor is responsible for creating the laws and giving out gun licenses. Please read mayor rules to find out laws that are not allowed. If a admin deems a law to not needed or fail rp they can ask you to remove it.
Mayor CANNOT enforce their own laws. The following is some useful commands for the mayor:
/addlaw [law]
/removelaw [law number]
Note, when typing in the commands do not use the square brackets.

Lean Producer:
 Making lean is easy follow these steps:
1. Purchase lean barrel
2. Purchase all of the ingredients in lean barrel
3. Press E on the barrel
4. Place the lean into lean cups.
5. Place the lean cups into crates
6. Sell the lean at lean NPCs located around the map.

Opium Producer:
The Opium Producer is likely the most profitable way of earning cash currently on the server. Follow the following steps:
1. Purchase a barrel with Codeine, water, papaverine, sulfate. Then put them all into the barrel
2. Purchase a heater and gas. Put the gas on the heater then put the barrel with the ingredients in on the heater.
3. After the barrel turns green, purchase a packer
4. Purchase 4 bottles and touch them against the barrel. Once the bottle change colour put them into the packer. you can fit 5 bottles into the packer.
5. After the packer is full click e on it and take the box that comes out to sell to a npc.

Police is quite a simple job to play. The main idea is roaming the streets to stop any crimes. The police are not equipped with any weapon for distance range. To arrest someone use the shocker then hit them with the arrest batton if they are breaking the law. Some general information:

-Police can raid if the person has a warrant
-The scanner can be used to find illegals on a base by just clicking on it. This will give a automatic warrant.
-The longer you play as police the more money and the more health that you have. This is shown in the rank system before your name.
- You must do /raid before raiding a player

Police chief:
The police chief is in control of the poilce. Do not abuse your power by getting them to do non rp things. The poilce chief has everything that the police have including weapons. Some general information:

-Police chief can raid if the person has a warrant
-The scanner can be used to find illegals on a base by just clicking on it. This will give a automatic warrant.
-The longer you play as police chief the more money and the more health that you have. This is shown in the rank system before your name.
-Police chief can build in PD.
-You must do /raid before raiding someone

SWAT are primarily meant to stay in PD unless police ask for assistance. SWAT are equipped with a lot more weapons than police so do not abuse them. Some general information:

-SWAT can raid if the person has a warrant
-SWAT can set up a weapons checkpoint
-SWAT can warn people to leave the PD
-SWAT should be the ones to help with resxuing hostages
-You must do /raid before raiding

SWAT General:
SWAT General is the leader of the SWAT. Do not abuse your power by getting SWAT to do anything fail rp. Some general information:

-SWAT General can raid if the person has a warrant
-SWAT General can set up a weapons checkpoint
-SWAT General can warn people to leave the PD
-SWAT General should be the ones to help with rescuing hostages
-SWAT General can build in PD
-You must do /raid before raiding

Secret service:
Secret service is the mayor's protection. You should spend most of your time around the mayor. You're not able to RDM anyone that just gets close to the mayor. Some general information:

-Secret service can raid if the player has a warrant
-Secret service can scan bases
-Secret service cannot build in PD

Bloods/Crips leader:
The bloods/crips leader is the head with of the bloods. Do not tell the bloods/crips to do anything Fail RP. You may start a gang war with the crips/bloods leader if they agreed.

Bloods are one of the two rival gangs on the server. Bloods/Crips can do anything illegal. Bloods/Crips must follow the bloods/crips leader. Bloods/Crips can only KOS crips/bloods if there is a gang war.

Gangster is a part of a gang. Gangster can do anything illegal. Gangsters do not have to follow the orders of the mob boss.

Hitman is a simple job. As a Hitman you open up the hit menu by doing !hits and this will allow you to accept hits people place. You may raid but only to do a hit. You may not hit and run. This is reserved for the assassin class only.

Mob boss:
You run a gang, you can do anything illegal. The gangsters do not have to do what you say. There is a difference between rules and laws. If a mayor puts something that is agaist the rules you are not able to break RP and do that. An example of this would be a purge law.

You are a terrorist. You may do /terror but target mainly government. Do not target non-government or this will result in a punishment. You have to wait 20 minutes between terrors.
You do not have to do everything the terrorist leader says.

You can do anything illegal. You must follow all raiding, mugging, kidnapping rules. You may print and keep other people's printers. There is a difference between rules and laws. If a mayor puts something that is agaist the rules you are not able to break RP and do that. An example of this would be a purge law.

Now onto the next section which is tools. Tools are simple and easy to use once you know how to use them.

Advanced Duplication:
To save that build you have made it's quite easy. First of all what you want to do is well all of your props together. Once you have done that take your advanced dupicator tool and right click on it. This will allow you to go into the advanced duplicator menu by holding Q and going to the right of your screen. You will see some little folders. Right click on these folders and click save. Then choose your file name and hit the little floppy disk.

Faiding doors:
To use faiding doors choose the prop that you wish to use. After that take the faiding doors tool and in the faiding doors menu choose what button you want to use. Then click on the prop. After this take out your keypad tool. In the keypad tool menu select access granted key and put it as the same key as you did for the faiding doors. Put a keypad on either side of the door and you are all done!

On hawk we have quite a few commands. Here are some to try and help you out:
(Note the square brackets are not actually used in the command)

Crime commands:
/raid (Starts a raid)
/mug (Starts mugging the person you are looking at)
/mugaccept (Accepts paying a 5000 dollar mug)
/mugdeny (Denies being mugged)
/terror (Starts a terror attack as a terrorist)
/pdraid (starts a PD raid)
/kidnap (Kidnaps the player you are looking at)

RP Commands:
/job [Name] (Sets your job name)
/name [Name] (Sets your name)
/addlaw [Law] (Adds a law as the mayor job]
/removelaw [Law number] (Removes the law)
/drop (drops gun you are currently holding)
/give [amount] (gives a certain amount of cash to another player)
/givelicence [player] (As mayor gives a gun license to a player)
/hitprice [amount] (Sets a hit price)
/warrant [player] [reason] (Gives a warrant for a player)
/dropmoney [amount] (Drops a certain amount of cash)

Chat commands:
/advert [Text] (Adverts to entire server)
/pm [Player] [Message] (Messages a player that only they can see)
// [Message] (Talks in ooc)
/999 [message] (Talks in emergency chat)
/broadcast [message] (Broadcasts a message)
@ [Message] (Sends a message to the staff team)

!store (Shows the items you have purchased off if the store)
!donate (Opens the hawkservers store)
!unbox (Opens the unbox menu)
!cf (Opens the coinflip menu)
!flips (Shows current flips)
/[Job name] (Becomes the job you have said)


You are able to bind these commands to make your life on the server easier when playing. Binding a command is really simple but can be quite complicated for new players. To bind a command do the following:

1. Open up your console. You may have to check what key your console is set to in your gmod settings.
2. Type in the word "bind" without the speech marks
3. Choose the key that you want to bind and type it in with a space after bind. So far it should look like this: bind g
4. Open speechmarks after a space after g and type say. It should now look like this: bind g "say
5. Type in the command that you wish to do as a bind and close the speechmarks. For example: bind g "say /raid"


On the server there are multiple ways that someone can aquire weapons. The main way is finding a gun dealers shop and purchasing the weappons directly off of him. However, you can also purchase perma weapons. Perma weapons are quite expensive and are very achiveable but may take some time. You can purchase perma weapons from the NPC at spawn. After purchasing a perma weapon do kill in console. This will give you it. REMEMBER if you are a class such as doge you will not be given your perma weapons until you change your job to a job who can use them.

Donation Jobs

You are also able to donate to the server if you want to. There are multiple things you can buy in the store which can give you a different experience on the server. For example, if you wish to purchase a custom job you would no longer have to worry about losing your weapons in a fight. Or you can purchase premium and donator which opens up different jobs for you. All of these can be found on the following address:

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy your time on Hawk Servers. If you have any questions you can ask on our  Discord that can be found on the index page of our website or ask ingame by doing @ [Message].

Also a big thank you to Jorymo for making the new player guide look amazing as well as anyone who had an input in the ideas of what to put in it. I also referred to iCxnnors command handbook to make sure I had all the commands.

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