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Scamming Prick ConorS/ConorOG

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Your RP Name*

Your SteamID*

Are you reporting Staff or Players*

What are their names*

What are their SteamIDs
>>Dont Know

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>He said he was gonna give me 10 pound for 6m in game cash, i gave him the money and he just left...

02:44 me giving him the money
[Image: DefenselessHarshAtlasmoth-max-1mb.gif]


You never gave me the money, So I can't pay you sorry.


The video shows the proof Wink
[Image: DefenselessHarshAtlasmoth-max-1mb.gif]


Shade(STEAM_0:1:444155079) gave ConorOG(STEAM_0:1:128695914) $6000000


He also Flipped all the money after....
[Image: DefenselessHarshAtlasmoth-max-1mb.gif]


Your promised me 15 million. Didn't give it me so you don't get your money, Simple.


No we agreed to 6m and i dmed you "6m?"
[Image: DefenselessHarshAtlasmoth-max-1mb.gif]


Nope, I said 15 mil or no deal

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Conor has been banned for 2 weeks and Shade has been refunded.

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