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Something i found a bit funny


Blasts weight


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The boi scams someone then tries to deny the scam. Mega oof. Also, you're fat not m3
Blast - EX CM current DMT Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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Gussing you didnt see my art
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Conor made a deal with Shade saying he'll pay him 10 pounds for 6 million in-game, Conor was paid and instantly ran off.
Shade reported him later on the forums, Conor claimed there he was never paid. Later when questioned in-game, Conor claimed he was paid, but not the "correct amount"
From that point we all knew that he's just messing around by also saying "He didn't ask for it back" & instantly coinflipping the money away on purpose.
I banned Conor 2 weeks for minging, scamming, and for basically pulling that dick move. Now he's trying to make himself look like the victim, he miserably failed yet is going further than he should.

I'm surprised you specifically now decided to come on and post a thread about it when you haven't used the forums ever since you resigned, though I'm not surprised you're not on our side.
Come to your senses and re-think about it, are we really to blame or is it the dick's fault?

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