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Reporting Hornet.

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Your RP Name*

Your SteamID*
>>Does this really matter in all honesty?

Are you reporting Staff or Players*

What are their names*
>>Hornet and CostBubbles

What are their SteamIDs
>>STEAM_0:0:109474203 | STEAM_0:1:108128745

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>He was using an unfair angle, this was earlier in the day but no one answered my sit so I thought maybe someone would notice this Smile Hornet was using an unfair angle in his base, roughly a foot shooting window which, by the rules, isn't allowed. Proof of this https://gyazo.com/3719378c9c15865e3720946294940935 I also have a video if you need to see more. I also got false countered by Bubbles who did not own any door nor props in the base, and you could tell didn't base their due to the fact he couldn't even get in, he was waiting for hornet to come out. https://gyazo.com/1958d5ebe6dddefe82ad9fd16bbbd953

Can't believe i'm doing this as a CM....



I'll talk to them both and punish appropriately, Hornet is not a new player and the angle abuse rule is not new.
Same for Bubbles who doesn't own the door / in their clan, yet countered unfairly.

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