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Lokis "propabuse" warn

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Your RP Name*

>> MystiousLoki

Your SteamID*

>> STEAM_0:0:170130533

What is the reason of the warn?*

>> PropAbuse

Who warned you?*

>> Connor

What are their SteamIDs?


What happened?

So here i am walking down the street and i see a afk admin - take in mind he was in noclip- and i decide i am gonna have a bit of fun with him, so i start putting random props around fully knowing that he can just fly and when he comes back i can take them down. Then connor comes along and freezs me and warns me. i think i should be unwarned cause all i was doing was a bit of banter and it was not hurting any other rping player just having a bit of fun with a afk admin.  This part is a suggestion -I think admins should player around a bit, obviously still doing there job but if its not rly hurting any 1 then i think they should let it go or even just tell them to get rid of it, this way a admin is a lot more approachable and seems a lot more nice.

DISCLAIMER - i dont mean to say i hate connor or that he is a bad admin i kinda like conner but in this instance i just think he is wrong not saying he is but its my opinion.
PS: ik i did not spell connors name right.


Will get Connor to respond
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Simple you were propblocking/propabusing... So you was warned for that i feel as if it should stay, the fact you admitted to it saying it was just banter isn't besides the fact you done it. End of its prop abuse all i have to say!
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This was clear prop abuse.
Patrick was AFK at the beach, to which you went out your way to spawn fences around this admin, AFK or not.
This is still a form or propabuse, and God knows who else you were doing it to.

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I do feel that you should be punished, as it wasn't really causing any problems with other players, but just with a verbal, consider this your verbal.
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