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It would be very nice to have a search balk in the tab leaderboard, this is very usefull in many ways. I hope many of you can agree :*.

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eh it would be nice for staff so its easier to get steam ids from the tab menu so i guess +rep but then again it probably wont be done cus its too much effort over a little thing
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-rep, not really much point in doing this, just scroll through I don't see any reason you'd need to search unless you're in dire need of their info for some reason
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+ rep this would be good for hitman jobs so you can see who you need to kill


+rep, anything that makes our jobs easier im down for


+Rep this would help staff so much, the amount of time wasted effortlessly scrolling through the leaderboard is fuckin insane
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Suggestion on this was already made and this is how it went out
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+ Rep

Would make the staffs live easier and sits faster, searching for steam ID's on tab is a daily challenge, especially with 100 players on


(15-09-2018, 11:11 AM)Jorymo Wrote: Suggestion on this was already made and this is how it went out

told ya this wont be accepted cus of the effort lmao
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That would not be a decent idea as long as it was not abused

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