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Abbusive Staff


Your RP Name*
>> HBS Owner GunnerJL

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:237214222

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Staff

What are their names*
>> iCxnnor

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:448096864

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> https://prnt.sc/kuoi2u There is proof of the evidence. So as I was in my gun store, this man called Jackie Fang from the C7 clan came in my base when my door was closing and then started a raid. Killed me. Right before then. I got him warned because of RDM (Random Death Match) and that was because he was first of all, lying to staff for apparently me spamming a dupe on him to get him stuck which certenly I did not and never would I. Second of all he was really salty to just try and get me warned for apparently breaking nlr which I never did. I got killed while in a raid in my gun store by Jackie, then after he finished he picked out and walked quite far from the scene. As far as I know, it's breaking nlr if you return to your death scene in under 3 or 5 mins if I'm not wrong? Anyway I came up to him at the pd cause Instead of going past my base on the left of spawn, I went the long way to the pd and met up with him. I was saying that he was really salty because he got warned for RDM which he believes that it's not true, which of course it is why would he be warned for RDM at such a mental stage. As I carried on to my store after the nlr timer was up, I then was brought to a sit held by iCxnnor saying that I was breaking nlr such as talking to the person that killed me in my past life about my past life of when he killed me in the raid. I never was talking such stupid thing as that. I was saying that he was salty because he wanted to do something to me because he was warned in fact because of me, and so iCxnnor had warned me saying that  I was lying to staff and saying that staff IS lying, which in fact I never really said or done an action heading towards that type of excuse to get me warned. I was then said, right before the warn, that I apparently said (in my own words) "HBS Owner GunnerJL: Hey you raided me." actually he made that up because he took a while to respond in which phrase I said; What did I say then? There you go. Bit by bit explenation on why this staff member is abusive and I would like him to get demoted.


Will get Cxnnor to respond.
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Okay so, lets get this right...

NLR, is anything to do with your past life, not just returning to your death location. So speaking about your past life would be NLR. Therefore i warned you also because you was getting aggravated i ended the sit early, i could of sat there and listen to your complete lie about everything when in the logs it showed you spoke about your past life and in chat you said that you found him and said HBS Owner GunnerJL: Hey you raided me. Therefore that lead me to believe you did break NLR, if i get demoted i don't care, i feel as if i done right and if others don't that's them. I will show proof to Blast the community manager! Smile They can make the decision, this is the last i speak off this unless needed!
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So i am popping in cause i was in the sit well the end part, i got the bit i saw on vid and it shows how connor handled it and what he did also what you said. btw in the vid u said u had vid proof so pls show us - https://youtu.be/pgaIS5dYvgg - vid, sorry for res i did not set it right.


NLR is not only the location of your death but anything else to do with that. There is sufficient evidence here to show that you broke nlr.
The way you spoke to Connor was also pretty unacceptable. Things such as "Have fun getting demoted" creates more negativity in the community which is not what we want.
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