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Recently i have been banned by an admin for ''basefail'' ''ardm in a sit'' and ''nitrp'' I have texted him on steam and asked if hes a retard for banning me for this and when i texted him a paragraph explaining it to him her dicided to block me on steam i am now banned for 5 days because of it the admins name is Hxveyyy steamid:1:118704573. I ''basefailed'' because i placed the keypads on the roof which ik that a raider could access cause ive seen this before and i could acces it aswell. The rdm in a sit is not true as for i had not been informed that i was in a sit cause the admin did not tell me i can back after 3 minutes to see an admin there with the raider talking. I would like someone higher up to see this to know how most of the admins act and im not just speaking about myself cause something like this happenbed to my friend before. :@ 

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Please use the template provided https://hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=1448


You proceeded to call him a dickhead and a retard, I believe that's not the right way to approach the situation but still, I'm not sure and Ill get him to respond
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You were changing ur fail base very slowly and u also ARDM during the sit I only did what blast told me to do which is the reason i banned u


Denied. You never changed it to the template.

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