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IGN: Go! Go! Nippo.

Preferred name: Nippo.

Current IG rank: User

Date of Birth: 27/12/2002

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Country: England

TimeZone: UTS+1

Total Play Time: 113hrs 

Total Warnings: 0

Banned: 0 times

Active on the website: yes

Discord Username: Lore

Server Score: 2078

Relatives on this sever: No


Can i moderate often: Yes everyday after school and on weekends 10am onwords

Sits in a day: as many as needed

My Hobbies and personality: Not shy don't mind talking Reasonable well spoken i like helping i like sport and thats it

Staff objectives: I wish to make the server better and make sure there are less RDM, RDA and Less rule breaking To make other peoples role playing experiences better, This would make the server get more populated and would give people a time to make there RP dreams come true

RDM: Random Death Match, It's were somebody kills another player for no reason at all, Imagen there is a Citizen and he kills a Gun Dealer for no reason

NLR: New Life Rule, This means that when you die no matter what you cannot return to that location or that will be NLR and you will get given a warning or even a instant Ban. Example, A Thief is raiding you and you get killed you can't return until a time is up if you do that is breaking NLR

FailRP: FailRP it's were you don't stick by the RP rules. Example, Your getting mugged if you run away or try killing the mugger that's failRP

Trolling: Trolling is were you do everything that's not fair to get a advantage. Example, Your raiding and you pick lock the first door and then there is a large Prop in the way and you can't do anything thats Prop blocking and i would count that as trolling

4 sit problem: I would get into one sit the ask some other admins to help and do the other three

RDA: I would get James into a sit or move him to me then i would tell him what he's doing then give him a warnig depending on how may people he arrested

RDM: I would tp Kaite to me then tell her thats RDMing then i would give her a warning

thanks for your time


Denied. You don't meet the requirements.
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