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hornets appeal


Your RP Name
>>Leader Hornet

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>MRDM (logs showing you killed people without them dong anything to you)

Ban Duration?*
>>2 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> i was on one night (last night) , and no staff were on two guys Chen and furry were mass rdming so, me and this other guy (i forgot his name) killed the guys who were MRDMING. i don't have much evidence but i hope you realize and realize this was a wrongful ban. Also many others did the same and i was the only one banned :thinking:


I mean..... https://gyazo.com/e59fed38916ea1aa19301869a4fdf61e it shows you killing "chen" "A girl" "clumsy noodle" "Mothermoodle" and then hulk, a furry, and craigo. When I come on to see that in the logs, someone propblocking spawn and a whole load of killing, and whilst me being on call to "oknahs" you rdming him blatantly, it just seemed you was there to join in with the RDM spree....
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Please +rep me i'm poor


i accidentally killed some people because i was using a shotgun, the oknahs thing was a honest accident i thought he was one of the guys rdming and i apologized to him about it.


But you're still rdming... You're even in the discord, yet you never once asked for staff to come on. It seems like you genuinely just wanted to join in....
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Please +rep me i'm poor

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i asked one of the guys who was helping me and they said they called for staff on the discord

and i understand that it may of looked like i was joining in on killing people but, why would i buy premium on a server i wanted to get banned on? also, if i was going to join in i wouldve kept killing people even after u got on.


I mean... No, you wouldn't. Like the guy who was propblocking spawn, he removed it as soon as I got on to try not to get banned, it seemed like you was MRDM'ing and I banned you, guess we'll wait and see what the seniors say.
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Please +rep me i'm poor


well wait and see.



Ping the DarkRP Moderation Team in Discord next time and don't try to surprass MRDM by MRDMing - it just makes you look like you're part lf it.
me jumping to conclusions IT DM
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