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Police Chief Suggestion


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Police Chiefs. 

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Grant Police Chiefs the ability to control government in the absence of a mayor, or otherwise keep laws from being automatically deleted when a mayor is either demoted or leaves the job. This will prevent the PD from being mutilated in terms of the ability to combat crime in the event that a mayor suddenly has to leave. It'll also grant more power to Police Chiefs and give an extra incentive to play them. (Note, I am slightly biased because of the time I play as Police Chiefs. They're just better looking than SWAT.)

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> This'll improve the ability of the Police to combat crime in the absence of the mayor, giving more value to playing them, especially in the times of day that the amount of people able to play the server is reduced, such as in the morning or at night. However, this might make the Police Chiefs slightly overpowered, essentially 'I am the Law'. But realistically, in an RP sense, this would probably be required to happen as the central form of government has been removed, and martial law should be able to be managed on a whim.

On a side note (I love side notes) Please re-tweak the lockdowns, it's unexplained how to end a lockdown as a mayor. Mayors also suffer from the exact problem as the PD, as if there's no Police online or SWAT, the Mayor is effectively powerless. Grant the Mayor the ability to arrest people or otherwise provide a more threatening form of ability due to their current 'Sit in the PD and hope the police are competent enough to do their job' sort of mentality.
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No one would use the major job anymore as they can use police chief or swat job to do the same and be better looking with cooler guns and more priviliges (raiding etc.)

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I see where you are coming from, however, I don't see this working with this community as such

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i agree with Dobby

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like dobby said
no one would want to go mayor.
why be a defenceless old bloke when you can be mr police big boy
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I feel this is a good idea but needs to be thought about more in terms of how it can effect other things.
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People normally jump being mayor quickly anyway as soon as they realize the space is open.


It could be a good idea but like dobby said 
Nobody would play as the mayor


If we allowed the police chief to make laws, this would, in return, make the mayor pointless. As of right now, we have a rule that states when the mayor you cannot enforce your own laws. As a police chief, you're supposed to enforce them. It contradicts the jobs and will cause us to either remove the rule that states the mayor can't enforce laws, inturn allowing them to make ridiculous laws on the spot and arrest someone as soon as they make it, or make the police chief unable to enforce the laws, which is his main job. Closed.

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