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i have been suspended

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Your RP Name
>> kb cormacsweeney1

Your SteamID*
>> cormacsweeney1

Who banned you?*
>> jodul

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>> recently i have been suspended for rules i didnt know existed this this is unfair as i have recently started the game and hawk is the only server i play on because all my friends play on it i would like to be unsuspended as soon as possible please my username is kb cormacsweeney1 

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I have recently started the game and didnt fully understand the rules and the admin who banned me didnt even take me out to tell me he just suspended me this is unfar


You didn't even bother to defend yourself in the sit...You just stood there acting as if you don't care. We had 3 people, Me, Panda, and Hxveyyy. We all saw it.
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Pretty sure it asks you to read the rules everytime you join the server. Maybe you should do that first. Being new is no good pardon for me. Sorry.

Greatings, your great pal ZaDoctor


Reading the rules is a pop up as soon as you join the game. If you fail to read these then you can't just be not held accountable four your actions.

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