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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> jobs

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Adding cook job, a cook can make himself a kitchen and sell food to people, he has to cook the food and then sell it to people who are interested in buying that food. He can make multible types of food which all give certain boosts e.g. eating applepie boosts your picklocking speed by 15%. Everyone can have at most 1 or 2 (depends on what you guys think). Also the staff team (probably chicken) will make sure it gets balanced.

How would your suggestion improve the server>> I think it's a fun, original new job that everyone would like. what should I say?? It's super cool :Smile 

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I am going to give this suggestion a Neutral.
Mainly because I like the idea of the food giving you little perks, but I think it could be easily abused (then again, it could be fixed by giving the perks a time limit or making it so the player doesn't get a huge advantage from them). 
Again, I like this idea, but I think if it does get added it would require a bit of tweaking.
That's just my opinion though Smile .
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YES I WOULD LOVE THIS, I know Darth would too since we both have made Cafe/Restaurants but can't do anything with them.
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cooking is for gays

why print money and do meth when you can COOK
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If there was hunger as such on the hud, this would work a charm

+ Rep if hunger is added


Overall -rep
Adding upgrades to players in exchange for cash is pretty much as poor man's suit. I feel like adding so much it probably wouldn't be used all that much in exchange for a lot of work.


If this is what i think it is = doing the same this as meth head ==> buying items and putting them together to make the finished product then +REP cause buying the food already made is just booring.. yes its easy but just booring .. so 100% +rep on this.. it would be very cool to cock the stuff manualy!
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Yep, you are supposed to coock it manually. It wouldn't be a cook if not.


It seems like a somewhat decent idea, although i do agree with what Joelt said, Poor mans Suit.
Neutral from me.
now thats epic sauce


I think this is a good idea but only if they add something like hunger or where you can eat the food that you cook.

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