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As you may or may not know, I have made an introduction a long while ago, but I decided I need to make a new one for two reasons: 1. most of the community has left and been replaced 2. I have decided I want to share what my life is actually like as a person.

For those who don't know, I am 16 years old, I attend a college 3 days a week and live in London. I may not sound it but I'm used to people questioning and not believing me when I tell them its the truth. ( I've even shown someone my id before (*wink wink* Kyle ))

My main hobbies are anything cars and gaming, although I do play a bit of football.

however, there are some facts that I have never really shared to others before, because not only is it hard to talk about, but people also don't really care and forget. This is my minor mental issues, I find it hard to contain my anger which often leads to me either shouting at people, or constantly swearing, but I also struggle with being happy all the time, I can easily let myself slip into a saddened state where I feel like shit for ages. I also get a lot of stress constantly from both my college and life in general, so If I'm not seeming ok just ask and I can say Smile

As most of you are probably also unaware, I now have 2 out of three of my staff discipline strikes (0 warns in game) which means if I do anything else bad, I will most likely loose my staff rank, I am an admin but currently demoted to mod+ whilst I'm on probation.

if you have any questions about me, feel free to either put them here, or DM me privately Smile

Thanks for reading, Ted!
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Hey you,

Very nice and balled of you to share this. Me, myself I have the same issue. A few years ago I started hating myself for it and got a little depresed (just a little don't worry). I talked to an elder at school I trusted a lot and he told me that I should start meditating. At start I couldn't even meditate, because my mind was too busy. But after a while I made it to meditate. Since I have been meditating I have found myself to become more and more calm and I could focus better and better. I really hope that if you will ever be sick of it, this will help you at.

Greatings, your great pal ZaDocot


Nice, i like the fact the team are all telling everyone about each other. Its really cool!
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- Kyle

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I learn't something new today pretty lit to know a bit more about u pal

Kyle ur making it sound like he's coming out gay lol


Nice to know more about you Teddy!
Got the big oof...


(20-09-2018, 06:15 PM)*Hxveyyy Wrote: I learn't something new today pretty lit to know a bit more about u pal

Kyle ur making it sound like he's coming out gay lol

Wasn't intentional, only a friendly and positive comment


this makes u even more sexy :3 <3
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Very porud of you for posting this! Nice to know more about you too : )
-Gamer Grill


Damn, I'm glad to hear more about you teddy, May have to make a updated one of my own
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